Tube Video Booster by Johnny Thompson is chock-full of tried and true SEO methods. Some are “old” school that are valid today, while others dip their big toe into the modern age.

After much deliberation due the fact I do not just send flippant reviews and will only share insights based off my findings through vigilant observation and actual implantation.

There are “Ummmms” and “Ahhhs” but do not let that slow you down. This is a non-paid endorsement!!!

Q. Do these videos contain a “secret” formula or special SEO for video “sauce” that is hidden from the mass public? No!!!

Q. Do these videos contain a “secret” formula or special SEO for video “sauce” that is hidden from the mass public? Yes!!!

Now, my two statements above might seem discombobulated and not well thought through, the opposite is true…. You see, each of the ten videos within Johnny’s Tube Video Booster SEO for video training, contain nuggets that seasoned, professional SEO experts know to work well!!!

Within video #2, one can find “Property Jargon” and this is an “under the radar” method my team has been using with stellar success for many years with images we load into our client’s websites. I have spoken in standing room only events where other SEO specialists listened in in utter unbelief as I shared how implementing this one technique (“Property Jargon”) within the images of a website can boost the rankings of one’s website within 90-days or less to the point that their website “saturates” Google with various phrases (many times landing two, three, four, or more coveted spots on Google page #1 and much to our customer’s delight).

Fact is, there are many good to great points covered inside this dynamic video course – you will be hard pressed to find another SEO for video course that covers these steps with this much laser precision (oh, oh, ohhhhhh…. and the videos are not “selling” you to buy something to really learn the secrets – the secrets are all given inside the ten videos).

Let’s say, if you were to charge one client $775 a month to rank their videos and they start receiving calls…. Not only will they share their successes with their colleagues (and pay you month-after-month, but you can help others do the same ($775 minimum a month, times 12 months is $9,300 per year. Now, if you have only five clients paying you $775 a month for 12 months this is $46,500 a year or $3875 per month!!!)

NOTE: The strategies found inside these videos can quickly be used within a website for double impact (ranking videos and a website)!!!

-David Breth,