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Hey, my name is Johnny Thompson and I’ve been an SEO, Web Designer, Video Creator and Product Developer for the past 16 years.
As an SEO, Ive helped many companies make millions of dollars from their websites and videos.
I moved to the Philippines 7 years ago to setup a full time SEO Team.
I also work with some of the Top SEO’s and Internet Marketers in the world.
When they need SEO and Video services, they come to me.
So you might say, I walk the walk!

Like many of you, Ive seen many SEO products come and go and Video Rankings Systems that claimed to work, but just didn’t deliver the goods!
I’ve spent thousands on software programs and systems some good, some bad.

Most of these programs I’ve bought just rehashed the same old methods, and trust me for the past 16 years I’ve seen them all.
After years of frustration, trial and error, I have developed my OWN method of ranking videos that Google loves!

The fact is that Google Loves Video and Their Sister site Youtube.
The Secret is “Giving them both what they want” and your videos will outrank your competition for just about any product or business.

Ive spent years researching, and trying this system out, and actually applying this to my own SEO clients business Videos,
and I’ve actually had videos that ranked in under an hour and have stayed there for more than 6 months or for years.

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